My Association With The Association for Integration of the Whole Person (AIWP)


In 1976, Based on a shared vision to be a voice of the good life or P.A.G.L. ( Peace, Assurance Gratitude, and Love) and ideals for healing and enriching communities and the helping profession, Mel Suhd, Ph.D., applied for and received a Federally-recognized 501(c)(3) Community Service and Religious nonprofit status. meaning that The Association for Integration of the Whole Person, (AIWP) was able to receive donations which were  fully tax-deductible prescribed by law.

AIWP along with over 500 member centers became one voice with Mel dedicating themselves to providing services to  Heal and Nurture Relationship and Energize The Well Being of Others.

I met Mel Suhd in 1992. I became inspired by his vision to support energy and spiritual healers and offer an alternative to traditional clinical psychotherapy.   I applied for and became ordained with AIWP and founded AIWP Miracles Ministry in 1994.  I am currently the founder, director and lead counselor for AIWP Miracles Ministry in Newport Beach and Bonsall CA. where I practice as a licensed Pastoral Therapist / Minister, Soul Healer and intuitive Mind, Body, Spirit Integration and Healing Specialist.

AIWP Miracles Ministry was founded to Remove Barriers to Love, Heal and Enrich Relationships and Promote Conscious Intentional Living for a More Compassionate World. Our Mission is to offer you the latest most powerful mind, body, spirit individual and relationship healing skills available.

Our main focus is to help you improve Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Relationship Health and Wellness.   Our mission simply stated is to help you  increase your ability to give and receive love.

At AIWP, we  provide a system of education and spiritual healing that offers you a way to gain a new perspective on yourself, your life and your relationships.  It’s a systematic structure of learning and skill training from A to Z to teach you how to clear your blocks and improve all aspects of your life. Individuals may apply for hardship discounts or a scholarship or give a donation to support others to receive counseling or community services offered by AIWP.

All donations to AIWP and its centers are tax deductible to the limits allowed by law.  AIWP offers holistic individual, family counseling and community service seminars and energy healing for Self /Other Spiritual Empowerment and Relationship Healing and Transformation. see

AIWP, has no rigid dogma, however, believes that love of life and healing occurs through the integrated awakening of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual process and that we have an innate ability to heal and transform our lives when blocks are removed. See AIWP Miracles Ministry web site

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