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Do you have a physical symptoms that don’t go away?  Do you believe in a mind / body connection?  Are you struggling with a mental, emotional or a relationship issue that is causing you more stress and affecting your health?   I specialize in Returning to Love Relationship Healing which is intimately connected to your Health and Wellness. 

Are you ready to finally get physical, emotional resolution and relief. I offer Health and Wellness Counseling on-line as well as In person.   I have been trained in many state of the art Energy Healing principles and tools such as New German Medicine, META Health and Healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Tapas Acupressure. 

These  Powerful skills can help you gently and easily release negative beliefs and emotions and understand the meaning of your symptoms so you can change behavior patterns.     I  am  Board Certified as a Holistic Healer and Mind, Body, Spirit Integration Practitioner with Many Board Certifying  Institutions including the American Alternative Medical Association, The American Association For Integrative Medicine as well as many other Counseling and Holistic Health Institutions.


breatheMedical research now understands that the majority of illnesses are due to stress and that stress is largely due to feelings separated, isolated and alone.  Are you spiritually disconnected.  Are you needing support because you are struggling with emotions such as anxiety and depression which are blocking your spiritual potential.  Do you believe there is a larger purpose and meaning for your life but it somehow alludes you or have you become too stress and distracted to connect to your Higher Truth.    Call me and I can teach you to become more grounded, stress free and self aware and spiritually connected.   

I specialize in mind, body spirit integration and healing.  I can also help you see the larger picture of what going on and help you release blocks and reconnect to your higher self.   Miracles occur naturally when you are able to remove blocks to awareness and can  see your problem from a larger perspective.  

Most mind, body, relationship  issues have a spiritual challenge at their core.  Put quiet simply most of our problems are due to limiting beliefs and habits.    Together we will become a team to discover the true meaning of your problems.   I will support you to develop new skills and habits to go to  the next level in all aspects of your life.  In just a few sessions, clients report they feel differently and see themselves with more clarity and insight.

Many other individuals seek Holistic Mind, Body Spirit Counseling and Psychotherapy because they have a chronic illness or symptoms that don’t go away or they can’t put off life waiting for others to change. 

Psychological studies show that your mind and your body are strongly linked and that physical healing depends greatly on being able to connect and understand your body, mind, and spiritual higher truth connection. Clients also report just having a safe place to talk can be beneficial to put things in perspective and make helpful changes and the majority of clients interviewed said they would go to a therapist to help them manage stress and deal with physical symptoms that are emotional in nature.

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