What is Pastoral Science and Medicine?

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For the past fifteen years The Pastoral Medical Association, (PMA) A 501 (c) (3)  an ecclesiastic, Self-Governing, Member Community Service Corporation has been supporting alternative health practitioners in clinical practice with a mind, body, and spirit healing and integration orientation.   According to PMA The Pastoral Science and Medicine (PSM) is the term devised by the Pastoral Medical Association (PMA) to describe the system of natural approaches founded upon spiritual principles used by PSM practitioners for promoting and improving physical, mental and spiritual health. Health improvement results from making positive lifestyle changes and following other natural procedures that are biblically sound, science-based and professionally administered pursuant to acceptable standards of care.


What Is The Mission of the Pastoral Medical Association?

According to pmai.us, the Pastoral Medical Association’s mission is to promote opportunity for everyone to enjoy lifelong health and well-being. To these ends, PMA provides a regulated means for sincere and spiritually committed healthcare professionals to offer any one receptive who is suffering from mind, body relationship challenges a safe natural and effective protocols for preserving, restoring and maintaining the vital health and relationship wellbeing The Creator intended humanity to have.


How is PMA Approaching Its Mission?

The world is facing an escalating epidemic of diverse chronic illnesses, included various autoimmune diseases. Every year, increasing numbers of people suffering from chronic health conditions who have not found relief from conventional medicine and pharmaceutical drugs are seeking help from healthcare providers who offer approaches and modalities that provide a more natural means for restoring health.

Such alternatives may be offered in conjunction with standard allopathic medicine (integrative care) or completely separate from it (alternative care). Unfortunately, there is a lack of uniform regulation of services provided by integrative and alternative practitioners.

The Pastoral Medical Association (PMA) addresses this deficiency by licensing professional healthcare practitioners who share the passion of PMA’s mission to end the epidemic of chronic illness and who are educated and trained in one or more spiritual, mental or physical arts and/or sciences.

All PMA licensees (a) have taken vows of spiritual commitment; (b) meet specific educational requirements; (c) have passed a rigorous background investigation; and (d) agree to abide by and be accountable for conducting themselves in accordance with the high standards of care expected of pastoral practitioners.


How are PMA Practitioners Different From Other Healthcare Providers?


First and foremost, PMA practitioners have taken a vow to uphold biblical principles when interacting with clients and providing PSM services. PMA practitioners have widely diverse backgrounds, education, training and experience in conventional medicine and alternative healthcare.

Collectively, PSM services provided by PMA licensees represent virtually every known standard and alternative approach, therapy and modality for promoting health and wellness, including spiritual counseling. In addition, many PMA practitioners are licensed by the medical and healthcare licensing authorities in the states in which they offer services pursuant to their state licenses.

However, it is important to note that the PMA license and the healthcare services you may receive from a PMA practitioner are completely separate from and not related to, approved by or dependent upon any secular federal or state governmental licensing authority or any other healthcare license the practitioner may have.

In addition, it is important to understand that PMA licensees do not practice medicine. More specifically, they do not examine, diagnose or treat, or offer to treat or cure or attempt to cure, any mental or physical disease, disorder or illness, or any physical deformity or injury; and PMA licensees do not recommend or prescribe any medications or pharmaceutical drugs.

In contrast, PMA practitioners obtain PMA licensing and offer their services as an alternative to clients suffering from chronic illness and disease who want to take advantage of the PSM system of biblically valid natural approaches and procedures for promoting health and wellness.


Definitions relating to Pastoral Science & Medicine

The following definitions are used to establish the PMA’s term “Pastoral Science & Medicine”.

Pastoral: of or relating to spiritual care or guidance especially of a congregation.

Science: the study of the physical and natural world and phenomena, especially by using systematic observation and experiment.

Medicine: to cure, heal: to make whole: to free from errors and sins, to bring about one’s salvation.  {This term is derived from the KJV New Testament Greek Lexicon word “ijavomai”, transliterated to “Iaomai”, listed and defined in Strong’s Concordance as word #2390.}

Therefore, combining these definitions, Pastoral Science & Medicine means: Spiritual care and guidance (pastoral) using healing phenomena observed, experienced and recorded (science) over centuries, utilizing biblical insight for good physical, mental and spiritual health, prayer and God-given natural agents and therapies to achieve lifelong health and well-being (medicine).


Practitioner Pledge


Practitioner Shared Beliefs,
Accepted Responsibilities & Pledge


The Pastoral Medical Association (PMA) is an ecclesiastical association whose Health Network is comprised of like-minded healthcare professionals who share the following core beliefs and accepted responsibilities in providing Pastoral Science & Medicine Services to their clients. It is these fundamental beliefs and convictions that empower and mobilize our actions and form the ethical, moral and spiritual basis for our harmonious interaction and relationship as professional members of the PMA Health Network.

In full alignment with PMA’s Constitution, we believe that:

  • God created the heavens and earth; and that God is the Source from whom we derive life and all that we have and all that is.
  • God endowed mankind with wisdom through His teachings, including instruction for restoring health and well-being, for all life.
  • God bestowed upon mankind all things natural, whether in the nature of food or medicine, the laying on of hands, counsel or prayer, or other methods not offensive to His teachings. And we believe God gave us these resources as spiritual means to address individual suffering and restore health, and as Divine tools for His workers.
  • God has called us as His workers; and that we bear both the right and responsibility to share His teachings with others in His name and to go forth in His service to aid and assist all creatures, man and animal, applying the instruction, resources, and tools with which He has entrusted us. And that –
  • God has called many workers to come together from all faiths and beliefs with these common goals, and that it is not for us to judge one against another, but that we serve as one united assembly on the divine mission we have been given.

We further believe that –

  • All individuals have the fundamental religious right to worship God in their own personal way.
  • All individuals have the fundamental right to direct their own personal healthcare, in consultation with healthcare providers, family or other valued advisors of their own choosing.
  • These personal rights and liberties originate from God and are bestowed upon us by God, and are not concessions granted to us by governments or men. And that –
  • Following God’s instruction will assure the health of mankind and, as believers, we have a right to follow His guidelines and disseminate and share truthful natural health information for our own health and longevity, free from governmental dictates, restraints, and oversight.

In addition, as practitioners of Pastoral Science & Medicine, we recognize and accept the following responsibilities in serving our clients –

  • Explaining to clients that their best outcomes will be achieved through a candid, communicative and cooperative working relationship in which the client’s unique values, preferences and convictions are taken into consideration and the client understands all aspects, agrees with and is fully involved in formulating and implementing his/her health recovery plan and any decision about the best course of action for obtaining desired health outcomes.
  • Taking the time necessary for understanding our clients’ health concerns, evaluating whether our services are right for them, and, if so, informing our clients about the proposed services, their projected cost, and what the clients can reasonably expect to gain.
  • Listening to our clients carefully and evaluating each client’s situation in view of the complex web of interactions presented by the individual’s personal background, unique physiology and lifestyle that contribute to his/her overall health condition; taking into account both internal (mind, body, and spirit) and external (physical and social environmental) factors affecting how the person’s total system is functioning.
  • Engaging in the discovery process with our clients to identify the root causes of chronic dysfunction and adverse symptoms, and suggesting strategies we personally would use in their position to restore functional balance, promote natural healing and regain optimal health.
  • Giving our clients opportunity to express their opinion and participate in all decisions affecting their healthcare; and referring clients to other qualified healthcare providers, when appropriate.
  • Adhering to the terms and conditions of the PMA Practitioner-Client Agreement for Wellness Services. And –
  • Maintaining our PMA License in good standing and operating at all times within PMA’s defined Scope of Practice and Standards of Care.

Truly, We Hold These Convictions
and Responsibilities Forever Inviolate

Based upon my God-given individual rights and spiritual faith, I hereby confirm that I hold and share the above-stated beliefs and accept the defined responsibilities as a PMA Licensee.  In addition, I hereby further confirm my sincere intention and give my solemn and binding pledge to practice Pastoral Science & Medicine in full alignment with these shared beliefs and accepted responsibilities.

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