Cellular Detox

I’ve come to realize that with increasing toxins and prescription drug side effects that there is a need to look at alternatives to help us return to our original whole, complete healthy selves.   Detox is becoming more popular and I’ve discovered some major benefits from my own experiences.  Below is a reprinted article from the Pastoral Medical Association which I am a member.


Toxicity: a Major Health Challenge


Is Detox Really Important?

Weight loss resistance and hormone health-related problems are epidemic today. A potential root of cause of these challenges is cellular inflammation caused by toxin build-up in your body.

Regular use of a proven detoxification protocol can help release and eliminate toxins that drive inflammation and disrupt normal functioning, allowing you to regain vibrant health.


Understanding Cellular Inflammation

Cellular inflammation is a key concept to understand, as it is the reason why so many people are not feeling well and unable to lose weight.

Membranes surrounding the cells in your body contain receptor sites that allow your cells to receive messages from your hormones and to act in response. These receptor sites also facilitate your cells communicating with one another.

Problems begin, however, when toxins cause inflammation of the cellular membrane and blunt these receptors, blocking proper communication. Your cells simply don’t get the messages from your hormones to accept needed insulin or to burn body fat.

And when your cells can’t communicate due to toxin-induced inflammation, not only don’t you feel well, the stage is set for chronic disease to occur.


Hormone Therapy is a Short-Term Fix


Many health practitioners today simply prescribe natural or synthetic hormones to help their clients feel better. But this is not a long-term solution. If it were, people taking the extra hormones would be lean, clear-minded and full of energy, with their health restored.

But pushing more hormones at inflamed cell membranes is similar to parents yelling at their kids. At first, they respond a little, but over time they listen less and less. In the same way, your cells eventually become less sensitive to greater and greater hormone doses. Bottom line, your cells are still not getting the right hormonal messages. And you are left STILL not feeling well and unable to lose weight, no matter how much you diet or exercise.


True Cellular Detox is the Key


The best solution for addressing these hormone communication problems lies in fixing the cell. The process starts by reducing toxic burden and decreasing inflammation throughout your body.

The True Cellular Detox™ program guides you step-by-step in decreasing cellular inflammation, while you learn the keys to effective cellular detox. Both are critically important to achieving hormone balance and lasting weight-loss.

Dr. Daniel Pompa, DC, D.PSc, has devoted his professional career to understanding how best to address systemic cellular inflammation and restore cellular health for proper functioning. He was driven to find effective answers to these widespread problems by reason of his own health crisis and that of his wife, Merily. He discovered they both had extreme toxic burdens that needed to be resolved.


Click Here to watch a short video in which Dr. Pompa explains how the True Cellular Detox™ program works.

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