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Pastoral Therapists, as clinical mental health professionals, serve clients of any or no religious affiliation by helping them identify the larger lesson or meaning behind their challenges.  Faith based means open to spirit and or belief that “with God all things are possible.” Matthew/19-26. Pastoral Therapists are trained to integrate behavioral sciences and religious/spiritual principles with therapeutic process.  They also specialize in integrating mind, body spirit or returning the person to their original wholeness.  


By identifying the nature of one’s disconnection and separation from wholeness, joy and aliveness, individuals are able to choose to overcome mind, body, spirit behavioral limitations and/or adaptations and return to their integrative functioning or original wholeness.

” Spiritual beliefs and practices have been determined to be central part of the health and integration of individuals across religious traditions, sexual orientation, races/ethnicities, classes, ages, and genders. In the United States, 89 percent of adults believe in “God or a universal spirit” (Pew Research Center, 2015), and “worldwide, more than eight-in-ten people identify with a religious group” (Pew Research Center, 2012).”

Unfortunately, according to the latest research from The Association of Pastoral Counselors, only 59 percent of participants in a 2014 study conducted by the Pew Research Center (2015) indicated feeling a sense of spiritual well-being at least once per week.

It is not surprising then that interest in spiritually-integrated counseling and psychotherapy has increased among clients and clinicians (Plante, 2007).  Spiritually-integrated mental health care has been shown through empirical research to be effective for individuals experiencing grief, depression, anxiety, and a variety of other presenting problems (Smith, Bartz, & Richards, 2007).

According to a nationwide survey by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC), 83 percent of Americans believe their spiritual faith and religious beliefs are closely tied to their state of mental and emotional health. Three-fourths say it’s important for them to see a professional counselor who integrates their values and beliefs into the counseling process. (1)

According to a recent Psychology article Observant Americans may feel most comfortable seeking help outside the traditional psychological profession because mental health professionals tend to be less religious and have a deficit of spiritual training which is becoming increasingly more important to the general population.(2)

As viewed by the PMA, “Faith Based Counseling” (FBC) focuses on the care of the whole person – mental, physical and spiritual – while maintaining ecclesiastical values. The aim of FBC is to help people regain or maintain a sense of hope for their lives founded upon their own spiritual values.

Faith-based counselors provide mind, body, spirit integration  healing and counseling services to their clients, combining theology and spirituality with theories of modern behavioral science. Patients who seek faith-based counseling are looking for a counselor who understands the importance of their spiritual beliefs.

People who seek FBC are searching for answers relating to life’s challenges and/or looking for meaning and value in their lives, and open to having their lives transformed and supported in a positive way by learning, acknowledging and adhering to scriptural principles.

If you are receptive to looking at your life in a spiritual context and believe in a body mind connection then FBC may be what you need to break through stuck patterns and limiting beliefs and behavior patterns which keep you from living your life with greater meaning and fulfillment.   As a faith based counselor, my goal is to help you learn concrete principles and skills to return you to your God given natural state of wholeness.

This practice is licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association

to provide Pastoral Health & Wellness services to our clients.



The Returning to Love Program also helps couples identify strengths, skills, and support systems available to them.  The goal is to explore new and effective ways of communicating, supporting, relating, understanding and encouraging each other throughout the process. 

Couples who start out saying ‘ We feel like “worst enemies” or My Relationship is my “worst nightmare” become aware of their shadow soul contract and understand the purpose of their relationship is a custom teaching device to help them return to wholeness.   Through awareness training and willingness to interrupt old dysfunctional habits, many couples report learning better ways of being mutually supportive and understanding .  By the end of the program, couples report having successfully transfered ta more positive respectful relationship where everyone’s needs matter.

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I love working with couples, with marriages, and with those at the pre-marital stage in counseling!  In my own long-term marriage, and my couple’s practice, I strive to create a safe, caring and faith-based environment where tough topics can be openly and vulnerably shared, explored,


According to the PMA ,  its mission is to promote lifelong health and well-being. To these ends, the most fundamental purpose and inherent part of our mission is to (a) restore and protect Pastoral Science & Medicine and its fundamental ecclesiastical safe and natural health principles and practices, (b) assure that biblically-sound spiritually based services are offered professionally and ethically for protection and benefit of the general public, (c) protect and advance the rights of spiritually based practitioners who wish to offer these services, and (d) assure access to such services for all those seeking them.

The PMA license and the healthcare services you may receive from Dr. Timothy J. Ryan are completely separate from and not related to, approved by or dependent upon any secular federal or state governmental licensing authority.

Also, it is important to realize that PMA licensees do not practice conventional medicine. More specifically, they do not examine, diagnose or treat, or offer to treat or cure or attempt to cure, any mental or physical disease, disorder or illness, or any physical deformity or injury; and PMA licensees do not recommend or prescribe, or recommend changing dosage or discontinuing, any medications or pharmaceutical drugs.

My personal spiritual practice as a christian is an important part of my own healing and personal security and peace of mind.   My wife and I have also practiced Buddhism, Hinduism and started out Jewish.   I could not do the work I do without a close personal connection to Jesus and Spiritual Principles. I believe God is the ultimate Healer and Jesus the Redeemer and Savior.   I seek to make my practice a place for God to Shine and Holy Spirit to clear blocks and restore us to our Holy Perfection and Ultimate Truth.
I love helping  individuals and couples become more confident in self / other authentic connection.   When we are self-connected we are in touch with our original wholeness and feel whole, complete and loving and loved.  I  use a number of techniques to help you rediscover your own self-connection and experience of wholeness,  creativity,  joy, and aliveness. 
There is nothing that gives me more joy than seeing people wake up to the Truth of their Being and live out of their own innate intuitive  spiritual resources. 
I believe that when we realize we are made in the image of Love Intelligence (God)  and know Love is our only source  we naturally heal and seek to extend love to others.  I believe that Gods wisdom and love is always available to us as blocks are removed.  We also can have faith that God, Love is ever present and our needs are always met as we learn to connect  with God or Love.  As we advance,  we also realize that our only purpose and  function is the one God gave us to be loving and know we are loved.  
My mission is to teach skills to help you maximize your natural ability to give and receive love because you are and image and likeness of God or Love created you like itself.   I will support you to  continually work on increasing your awareness and choice  to free yourself from limitations and  increase your natural ability to have freedom of choice, more meaningful connections  and operate from your own True Authentic Self connection.  
When we are self connected, we are totally secure in knowing the Truth of who we and opperate from a sense of Love as our Only Source. Life becomes about curiosity, discovery and joy of better connection and aliveness rather than managing self and others.
Learning to trust that you have a secure bond to love, will create a doorway to leave the fear/guilt identity barriers behind and realize these egoic barriers are no longer a  block to your ultimate happiness. How you see yourself, your relationships and your life determine the way you will treat yourself and others.  It will also determined the way you expect to be treated.  
I have thirty years experience in removing barriers to love and returning individuals, couples, parents and children to their original nature of whole, complete, and healed lighted, free and joyous selves.
Isn’t Time you reconnected to yourself and claimed your original happiness?


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