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Timothy J. Ryan, Ph.D. D.Div


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31708 Nira Lane Bonsall CA. 92003

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Contact me via Skype @ryanmiracles

Everyone faces challenges and difficulties in life at some point in time. It can be an overwhelming feeling due to work-related stress, health challenges, anxiety caused by uncertainty, depression due to bereavement, and / or difficulties with increasing conflict in marriage or other relationships. These are just some of the reasons why people seek help through Psychotherapy.

We are committed to offering  state of the art online counseling and psychology  and skill training /or in person psychology and skill training, healing, coaching and holistic counseling sessions to help you in all areas of your lfie. You will receive respect, caring and support to learn transformation principles and skills to improve all aspects of your life.

In just a few sessions you can discover a change in your perspective and experience a difference in your marriage, health and/or relationship patterns. In our Marriage Counseling sessions, we teach you how to look deeper into your relationship conflicts and understand the underlying meaning of your communication problems and conflict.  Individuals and Couples are often amazed to understand what’s really going on.

Please call for a Complimentary 20 minute Get-Acquainted Session to hear I can help you change your life for the better. 


We offer Online or Phone Counseling, Psychology /Coaching as well as coming to sessions  in-person.   Online Counseling offers many benefits individuals couple can make as much progress as coming in person to individual Mind,Body Spirit Psychotherapy and Marriage Counseling or coming in for Health and Wellness Counseling with META Energy Healing, Energy Medicine as alternative and/or compliment to traditional Medicine for health challenges.

Experience the convenience of Online or Phone Psychology, Coaching and counseling  and discover a great way to  get clarity and  perspective to come out ahead  with greater ease and convenience to succeed in times of crisis or change.  In our holistic counseling and coaching sessions, we teach individuals and couples how to set clear intentions and focus on positive outcomes to help you change negative patterns. 

We also teach individuals and couples to become aware of and clear any limiting beliefs or negative feelings keeping them stuck in non-resourceful  patterns.  Whatever the situation or conflict, the core need underlying it is for safe vulnerability, secure trust and to know that I matter and/or I’m valued and cared for. We offer the latest Online Psychology information and information for what constitutes a Healthy Relationship that creates a secure bond and what it takes to create a successful life with a healthy relationship.

New Clients:

I offer a complimentary 20 minute introductory phone session.

  1. Feel Free to ask any questions
  2. Learn more about my style/approach
  3. All conversations are 100% confidential

At the end of our initial conversation, you are free to go and think about what we have discussed, or we can go ahead and schedule another session. There is no obligation to continue.

We would love to hear from you.

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