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Tim-pict-300x225Not only do I specialize in the most powerful evidenced based skill training techniques in individual and couples therapy, I also focus on the whole person to remove blocks for ultimate mind, body spirit healing and transformation. I teach people the art and science of wholeness and self connection to reclaim their aliveness to have greater choice over their Health, Wealth and Relationships Fulfillment. See Article on Quest For Personal Healing and Transformation.

The Returning to Love Skill Training Program has incorporated state of the art principles and skills, from more than twenty years of research, into a comprehensive training to help couples see their relationship as a spiritual path. We teach concrete skills and healing principles through private counseling, workshops, and support groups.

Individuals, couples, parents and children learn how to break habitual negative patterns and reconnect with their partner or child from a more conscious intentional place thus allowing the relationship to return to its nurturing roots and healthy patterns. The goal is to move a relationship from a place of distress to a place of comfort and trust.

I teach concrete skills that can be used right away for stress reduction and emotional pain relief such as Energy Psychology and META Healing and Energy Medicine with Emotionally Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help free you from your negative spin out patterns or cycles.

We incorporate Emotionally Focused Therapy, Imago Relationship Shadow Work, Gary Chapman Love Language into a comprehensive system of skills where studies have shown that three out of four couples who undergo the EFT progress learn valuable skills and maintain those skills long into the recovery mode. More than 86% of couples show significant improvements in their relationship.

Emotionally Focused Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques work well with many different types of couples and individuals, including those who have or are suffering with:

Chronic anxiety, insecurity, not feeling safe, experiencing numbness, uncontrollable anger or are emotionally shut down, depression, PTSD,  self sabotage related to limiting beliefs and childhood wounds.

HOW I CAN HELP YOU ( Click Here to See Testimonies )

I have thirty years of a proven & successful track record in helping thousands of individuals and couples discover and eliminate the root causes of unhappiness.

I love teaching fast, easy to learn problem solving skills to transform any kind of conflict and help you learn how to better give and receive love. Whether you come in as an individual, couple, family or parent wanting help with children,

Whether you come in to improve your relationship, your health or improve your ability to be more successful, I will show you the root cause of your issues and help you eliminate them. Sessions are by phone, face book skype and in person. Call today and take the first step to a new relationship and a new life. In just a few sessions you will gain  insight and the skills necessary for a fast track to peace and create a brighter more fulfilling and satisfying future.


  Although, Dr. Ryan has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, he is does not practice as a state licensed Psychologist, As stated in The Health and Wellness Agreement,  his intention is to solely improve mind, body, spirit health as an adjunct to medical care, and as such, his services do not include diagnosing or attempting to cure pathology or treat any form of physical mental illness or disease which constitutes the conventional practice of psychology and medicine.   Dr Ryan’s desire is to work with you as a spiritual person who wishes to learn skills for spiritual awakening and healing of a mind, body, and spiritual nature to promote self-empowerment, which is beyond the clinical realm of diagnosing or treating pathology.


We offer a number of community services including;

On-Line and In Person,

Individual, Couples and Family Relationship Counseling.Holistic Mind, Body, Spirit Psychotherapy

  • Therapy for Depression and Anxiety, Phobias, PTSD,
  • Pastoral Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Grief Counseling
  • Discounted Therapy for Military, Government, Seniors, Students, Union Workers, Teachers, Health Professionals etc.

Couples Relationship Counseling

  • Marriage Family Counseling
  • Blended Families Counseling
  • Co-Dependency,
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)
  • Therapy For Recovery from Childhood Wounds
  • Rebuilding Trust, Safety, 
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Divorce Life Adjustments
  • Couples struggling with different faiths Inter Faith Counseling

Success Coaching

  • Life, Career, Success, Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Parenting Child Support
  • Teen Life Stress and Recovery
  • Returning to Love Conflict Resolution and Intimacy Skill Training
  • Hypnosis with Matrix Reimprinting

Health and Wellness Counseling

  • Physical Symptoms / Issues, Stress Management
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Substance Abuse Recovery Counseling
  • Restoring Health and Wellness Counseling
  • Energy Psychology: For Improved Mind, Body Health and Wellness

Men’s and Women’s Issues

  • Work and Career Issues
  • Business Relationship Coaching

There are also discounts packages for students, seniors, teachers, nurses, military, government and union workers.


(Click on a drop down below to view my Areas of Specialization)

Individual Family Relationship Issues, Marital Problems

Need for Communication, Partnering, Understanding, Support For Your Needs To Matter, Resolve Loneliness, To Have Shared Reality, Remove Blocks to Intimacy Because of Unresolved Grief, Loss, Guilt, Regret, Anger, Addictions, Poor Communication Skills, Conflict with Repeated Arguments, Unresolved Conflict, Inability to Sustain Emotional Intimacy, Sexual Intimacy, Obsessive Worry, How To Get Past Mistakes, Support Going Through Divorce and Separation, Learning From Past Relationship Mistakes, Infidelity, Finances, Infertility. Skill Training For Resolving Frustration, Remove Barriers to Love, Increased Heart Connection, Emotional Intimacy Compassion. Understand Soul Contract, Understanding Differences, Imago Skills for Healing Past Wounds – Disowned Denied Shadow Parts, Need for Appreciation, Celebration, Upgrading or Enriching Relationship – Increase Quality Connection, Joy Aliveness and Having Fun.

Family/Parent Child Issues

Co Parenting, Single Parenting, Blended Family, Teen Age Rebellion, Power Struggles, Communication Problems, Stress, Unresolved Grief, Loss, Guilt, Regret, Obsessive Worry, Withdrawal, Isolation, Anger, Anxiety, Panic, School Behavior Problems, Academic Problems Under/Over Achiever, Bullying, Extended Family, Care Taker Stress, Aging Parent and How To Balance One’s Own Self Care

Emotional Issues

Difficulty Coping. Anxiety, Anger, Stress, Overwhelm, Repeated Patterns of Sabotage. Disconnection, Isolation, Limiting Beliefs, Depression, Self Esteem, Unresolved Past Regrets, Loneliness, Isolation, Fears, Phobias, Panic, Stress, Worry, Parent Worker, Therapist Burn Out, Care Giver, Anger, Guilt, Forgiveness Sleep Disorders, Unresolved Grief, Trauma, Childhood Wounds,

Health and Wellness Issues

Understanding the Meaning of Symptoms, Resolving Long Standing Injuries, Understanding the Mind/Body Connection, Improved Coping with Stress and META Health Healing Understanding and working with Chronic Illness, Cancer, Chronic Pain Symptoms, Shoulder, Back, Knee Pain Reduction, Recovery from Addiction, Co-Dependency Drug/Alcohol Recovery Support, Physical /Emotional Issues, Compulsions, General Health and Wellness Recovery

Childhood or Past Issues

Free Your Past, Empower Your Future from Self Sabotage, Perfectionism, Care Taking, Exaggerated Responsibility, Unresolved Grief, Anger Guilt, Problems Coping with Relationships, Success, Intimacy, Health Issues, Unresolved Past, Trauma (accident), Trauma (sexual), Trauma/Abuse/PTSD.

Business Financial Issues

Success Success Coaching, Business Relationship Improvement, Coping with Financial Loss, Taking Your Business To The Next Level, Business Visioning, Stress Management, Burn Out, Career and Life Transition,

Quality of Life Spiritual Issues

Unresolved Issues with Religion, God, Spiritual Matters, Meaning and Purpose Death, Bereavement, Need For Spiritual Essence Connection, Values, How to Be a Beneficial Presence, Cultivating Spiritual Qualities and Spiritual Self Esteem, Spiritual Meaning of Illness/Problems, Spiritual Growth, Authenticity, Understanding Ego vs. Spiritual Values, Mind Body, Heart Integration, Presence Connection, Inner Peace, Security and Contentment, Support for Weddings, Funerals, Life Transitions, , Celebration Re-Birth, Aliveness, How to Be Happy, Have Fun, Enjoy Creativity.


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